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I have just joined the board as a result of my genealogy studies. I just recently found out my wife's grand uncle was Hudson Allison. She just vaguely remembers about being told that a relative was on the Titanic and it never came up in our 50 years of marriage until I told her what I had found. I have found all the information on this website fascinating and have included the photos as part of my genealogy data. I am not a Titanic enthusiast but if any one needs more info on the Allison family I would be happy to help.

Welcome, Ernie. You may not be a Titanic enthusiast now, but be careful - the enthusiasm here is contagious! A good source for further information on the Allisons is 'Titanic - the Canadian Story' by Alan Hustak. You may also be interested in the way the family is portrayed as central characters in the TV mini-series 'Titanic'. But beware of the oft-repeated misconception that their childrens' nurse Alice Cleaver was a child murderer - that's now known to be a case of mistaken identity.

May I suggest you start a new 'Hudson Allison' thread in the Passenger Research section, where I'm sure it would generate a lot of interest.

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