Ervin G. Lewy

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Thomas E. Golembiewski

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I am almost positively certain, with a modicum of doubt, that his name was Erwin G. Lewy---I believe that early news accounts misspelled the given name as "Ervin." Again, I am virtually confident, with the fullest assurance, that the name is "Erwin." I believe that when his will was probated the name was given as "Erwin."

Jennifer Sullivan

I've noticed on a few of the passengers that in the write up about their lives, some say they boarded at Cherbourg, then the profile says Southampton. What is the correct place that he embarked please?


No one's quite sure. A week before the disaster he had sent a postcard to his employer's branch in Amsterdam and it was postmarked, so he probably wasn't in Holland. If he was on the continent, he could either have taken a train to Cherbourg or a ferry/train to Southampton. My bet is that he took a train to Cherbourg based on the fact that it would be a lot more direct.