Estonia disaster was there a coverup


Tom Bates

We just dont know how meny victims ther were everything else is lies in a privet emale from
Anders Bjorkman he saed (the final report is rubbish and that the real cause is sabotage
by somebody - but they do not want to investigate.)and (I do not believe Sillaste's story about the faulty vac-system. Sillaste has
stated that the bilge pumps were running before the sudden list occurred, so
the ship must have had a serious leak then. Where was the leak and did an
explosion cause it? One of my theories is that leaking oil, petrol, etc. on
the car deck did not flow out into the sea but to a collection tank
somewhere; this collection tank, fitted with a high-level alarm, could then
overflow into, say the heeling tank! If petrol leaked out on the car deck
and nobody reacted when the collection tank was full, then you could end up
with petrol in the heeling tank. And it could very well have exploded one
way or another and it was the first 'bang'. It may at 00.30 hrs have caused
a shell plate leak and internal bulkhead leak = you had sea water + petrol
in a big compartment inside the ship. Sillaste started the bilge pumps! The
second 'bangs' at about 01.00 hrs were subsequent explosions when petrol +
air exploded in contact with some electrical equipment inside the ship. The
visor was always in place but was not locked properly at departure, so it
was partly ripped off when the ship sank.

For some obscure reasons the JAIC decided to blame the accident on the visor
(and the Swedish Navy probably removed the visor with explosives under water
after the accident*). Probably because the ferry was substandard with major
defects everywhere - permitted by, i.a. the Swedish NMA; illegal life saving
equipment, W.T.door system, defective, twisted visor, leaking, twisted bow
ramp, etc. and this could not be admitted.
)So what sank the estonia a mine,torpeto,sewer gas explosion,hrink slaste,aliens,the mob,a terarest, ran agond,leakage,fuel explosion,or something top secret????
Michael H. Standart

Michael H. Standart

>>So what sank the estonia a mine,torpeto,sewer gas explosion,hrink slaste,aliens,the mob,a terarest, ran agond,leakage,fuel explosion,or something top secret????<<

Nothing so dramatic Tom. While there are indications of a cover-up, it seems to be more with an eye towards hiding defects in design/construction/maintainace then anything else. What happened to the ship is clear enough in and of itself. The bow door was not properly closed, and it's failure made it possible for the vehical deck to flood. Between the free surface action of the water and the centre of gravity being raised so high up, the capsize of the ship was inevitable.

For more information, go HERE, and HERE

Nick Rose

I watched the History Channels program deep sea detectives and the did the estonia. Some gravel was dumped but nothing over the wreck. And some hull was recovered and analysed. the tests showed signs of an explosion and the estonia was in poor condition when she sank.


Tom Bates

I saw it to back in August. BTW the web sight i posted is
no longer working in a privet email he set me he said >>The service provider Tripod
closed the site 24 September 2003 stating that I did not conform to their rules. Why,
(after three years), how? = no reply. But the site will in due course be republished
with another provider.<< Also the ship yard is no help to the investigation he said
>>The shipyard does not help me either in my investigations to show how the JAIC
screwed up the investigation.<< and they did not reply to my many emails i set them
about the ship.

James Carey

The history Channel has a good show on Deep Sea Detectives. Link:

From their findings, it looks as though there is definately a cover up. The governments involved didn't even recover all of the bodies and want to have people forget about this. This tragedy needs to be investigated.

From the show:
"DEEP SEA DETECTIVES examines the official government report and contrasts its findings with the theories of other investigators who believe that the whole story is not being told. German reporter Jutta Rabe tells of her dive expedition on the wreck, which the Swedish Navy tried to stop, and Dr. Jan de Kat of the Marin institute uses 3-D computer modeling to show why the official report does not adequately explain the Estonia's fate. Finally, survivors of the disaster share their harrowing memories of the ferry's last minutes."

Mikael Jonsson

Being Swedish I found that article very funny.
He blames the accident on our so called Mafiagovernment haha. He even say that we kidnapped the surviving crew.

Funny article, but childish.

Veronika Jenei

Recently, I read a book about the Estonia catastrophe: Drew Wilson: The hole Another look at the sinking of the Estonia ferry on September 28, 1994. I think it is a fairly objective book on the sinking so if anyone is interested in the Estonia and all the facts and theories related to the story I can highly recommend it. I wonder if there is a chance to re-investigate the case now that Sweden has a new government. I think there are a lot of unanswered questions. Around half a year ago I read an article in a Swedish engineering magazine NyTeknik that the videos of the official diving mysteriously disappeared and that there will be an investigation to figure out how it could happen and where did they go. Does anyone know if anything has happened regarding this?