Estonia - The survivor's story: does anybody understand Swedish?

L. Colombo

Nov 22, 2012
At the moment I’m working at a research about the Estonia victims and survivors — a lot of material can be found on internet, including the statements of most of the survivors (at this site — Untitled Document). Amongst other things, I found also some documentaries. One is “Estonia, the survivor’s story”, in five parts:;;;;

Among the survivors that appear in this documentary, I’m particularly interested in Gullbritt von Payr, because she is one of the only three survivors who didn’t give any statement, and she shared a raft with two other people, Igor Gritsious and Krista Koop, of whom the first is one of the other two people who didn’t give statements, while the latter did leave a statement, but presently I can’t find it. Unfortunately, the documentary is in Swedish, without subtitles (except for Swedish subtitles for non-Swedish speaking survivors), and I can’t understand Swedish. If there is anybody in the forum who understands Swedish, could he/she tell me what Gullbritt von Payr says? He/she would do a great favour to me.

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