Estonia victims and survivors list

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Whilst searching for memorial locations in Estonia, I came across a website which has a full passenger and crew list of the Estonia disaster. It's the first time I have seen a list.

Early list dated 30.9.1994, carrying 1,023 names:
(OK denotes survivor, E denotes transferred to Estonia)

Survivors' list (dated 7.10.1994):

There were 137 survivors. As far as I can ascertain, this is a breakdown of nationalities:

65 Estonians
49 Swedish
6 Latvians
3 Norwegians
3 Finnish
3 Germans
2 Polish
2 Russians
1 Dane
1 Briton
1 Dutch
1 Ukrainian

An early (and inaccurate) list of survivors, dated 30.9.1994. Reminds me of the early lists of Titanic survivors with incorrect and double-entry names:

Another full passenger and crew list, some of the survivors are listed as "Silja Europa" which I assume was the cruise ship that rescued them:

A short piece about the Latvians on board:

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