ET Deck Plans C-Deck and D-Deck Occupant Identification

Dec 6, 2000

Re Margaret's room see Daniel's paper on this web-site. If you look at his post above there is a reference to that paper.

I am also sure that Daniel has posted to the effect that the Countess spoke of her cabin steward getting her life jacket off the top of her wardrobe. That is not possible with B-77, but quite possible with C-77 which was the room number given at a Titanic Exhibtion here in NZ some years ago. - Also B-77 is a more likely possibility for one of the rooms occupied by the Ryersons, than the rooms they are usually shown as being in. - There are a number of posts on this.

Dec 7, 2000

That's really funny, I actually wrote a whole long post about the Countess' cabins, but thinking it inappropriate, I simply never posted it! Damn, now I have to write it all over again! :)

For the Molly Brown article go here:

It's a bit below half way down the page. It's a PDF file so you'll need Acrobat Reader to view it.

It's called "Molly Brown: Mystery Unravelled". If you're interested in cabin numbers and the Cave List, you might want to check out my paper on that as well. It's higher up on the list, the 17th down (as I type this), called "A Thorough Analysis of the “Cave List”￾".

Now as for the Countess cabin, we're dealing with 3 cabins. C37 as per the Cave List, B77 as per a newspaper account (I think the New York Herald) and C77, which I think comes from her family.

In her letter from the Carpathia, Gladys Cherry wrote that they had trouble finding their life belts. Eventually they got a steward to find them under their beds.

In C37 belts would have been kept on top of the wardrobe. This was the normal practice, or else in a rack on the ceiling, in the simpler/smaller cabins.

In B77 (and other cabins with wardrobe rooms) lifebelts were kept in a rack in the wardrobe room, like seen here behind the door in a photo from B58 ... which would have eventually been used by the Baxters:


I think B77 was perhaps a mistake on the part of the reporter who heard or recorded the wrong deck, but got the right number.

C77 had no wardrobe room. And having studied the interiors of Olympic/Titanic, I know the style used in this cabin and the wardrobes were probably considered too high or awkward to place the belts on, so they put the belts under the bed.

Originally the Countess with her cousin were booked into C37. As per Craig Stringer, we now know that the Countess' parents traveled with them on the Titanic as far as Cherbourg, they probably prompted or helped her get an upgrade to a better cabin.


Dec 6, 2000
Hello Daniel,

Good to have you back. Hope you had a wonderful holiday.

Thank you for clarifying that. I guess I must have mis-remembered what you posted or told me about how the life-jackets were stored.

Dec 30, 2011
Thanks for posting the info about the lifebelt storage--and that wonderful photo. It's amazing to me that every day I learn a new tidbit about Titanic. Her story will never be finished.

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