ET Ghosts from the Abyss Making Contact Halloween Special

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C'mon its October, Halloween and all that right.
So lets allow ourselves to be spooky for a moment. Lets try to have an online sayonce, saionse, sa'ounce, (however you spell the thing).
Lets try to contact someone from the Titanic, this Halloween night at midnight (Titanic time).
First of all, who should it be?
Second, what will we ask them?
Third, ... who's too chicken to go through with this?


Now everyone put your hands on the wedgie board. Close your eyes and breath deeply. ...(stop pushing on the thing Michael Standard, thats cheating.)

(wolf howling in distance) Ooooooowwwwww!

Mom! Standart's cheating again!

Anyhoo, my choices:
1. I think W.T. Stead would be a logical candidate.
2. I'm not quite sure what I'd ask just yet.
3. Most likely me.


Don't blame me. I haven't touched a thing.

But...ahhhh....something cold is touching me

Scene: Smoking Room (2:05am)

Dear Mr Stead,

I know it's a tight angle, and I know it must be hard to pull yourself away from Colonel Gracies' latest tome, but I really could use the key to the bar OM!


Drunken Sailor

(and I'll bring you a Scotch if you would be so kind)

Pat Cook

Gentlemen, regarding contacting W. T. Stead, its been done - at least one time, anyway.

True story.
A group gathered together when 'spiritualism' was enjoying it's (arguably) greatest popularity. The medium then began the seance' and contacted the spirit of W. T. Stead! Then, she announced, there was among them a survivor from the Titanic and Stead SPOKE to this survivor! Stead went on to speak about how he enjoyed his talks with the survivor during the ill-fated trip. Then, as abruptly as he 'appeared', Stead vanished.

The others in the room looked at the survivor, who only smiled but said little. Lawrence Beesley never mentioned that, being in Second Class, he had never met Stead nor had any conversations with him.

"T'is the 'witchin' hour and don't be caught out at night!"

Spooktacularly yours,
Boris Cook
I'm having this vision of Boris Cook dressed in a red leather jacket and dancing like Michael Jackson. (with a White Star Line pennant on the back of the jacket of course.)

If we want to try this, I'll need a 'head' count for those interested. Lets set the minimum at 5 people to participate. We'll all log online to ET at about 30 minutes before midnight Titanic time on Oct. 31st. We'll all light candles around our respective computers, concentrate on the image of the target person and try to entice that lost soul to join in the conversation with us. Once we have a strong presence from that person, we'll take turns asking questions. If it works, we'll have quite a story to tell. If it doesn't work, ...well we can always say it did.

So think about it carefully, this may turn out to be more of an adventure than we bargained for. Who knows what wandering spirit will manifest itself near you? Capt. Smith himself may appear just behind you as you sit there typing away. You may just catch a glimpse of him in your monitor before he vanishes into thin air. But try not to panic as you begin to feel the room get cold. Cold like the night Titanic sank from beneath them. Cold like the water that now occupies their cabins. Cold, like death itself...

What was that noise!!!???
It sounds like a ship rolling over a thousand marbles.


run away, run away, run away!
Yuri - a 'wedgie' board! Oh dear. I'm wiping tears of laughter from my eyes. Clearly it's that old cultural difference thing again.

Cookie - ta for that Beesley snippet. I had no idea he'd met WT Stead *after* the sinking. Very interesting. I don't think it's in George's book but now I'm ducking off to check.
I'm in Yuri! The Ouija gets quite a workout at the Lizzie Borden house. Mrs. Houdini didn't have much luck finding Harry though. Have been reading with some interest lately of Conan Doyle's spree with spiritualism, fairies, and the like. 'Tis the season for "piercing the veil". So-who is the target? I am remembering Bullwinkle saying to Rocky- "Chilly Beebies- the Spee-rits are about to speak! " Candy corn anyone?

Shell SHOULD play this game - she IS a spook, and a bonafide, grade A, professional one! The dear wouldn't dare brag but I will brag FOR her!

Yes, it's true - our own little Shell will be featured on MTV sometime around Halloween - so everyone be sure to watch (or at least set your VCRs) to see as Shell dons her best Lizzie Borden garb and takes frightened kids on a tour of that scary old house!

The ouija game sounds fun! Count me in.


Pat Cook

To Yuri - believe me, when I dance, for those around me, it really IS a 'thriller'!

To Fi - glad you enjoyed the Beesley bio note - I'm always amazed when I can impress you, rather than the other way around, which is more usual.

Our Shelly on MTV?? Well, and about time, if you ask me! I mean, if I would be going through the Lizzie Borden house, I would sure like Shelly at my side. Moooohahahahaha....!!!!

Standart, you're right about that mummy! And he leaves all these Ace bandages EVERYwhere!

From the Eerie Canal,
Boris Cook
Dear Boris,
Am impressed that I can amaze you - or rather, am amazed that I can impress you. (Yep, the latter version looks right.)

MTV - you mean there is a point to it after all? If they're showing Shelley guiding a tour of Chez Borden, I want in.

Inger Sheil

Count me in too for the Shelley Chez Borden tour - although the photos of the original crime scenes in the Borden house haunted me for yonks after I first saw them (amazing how swiftly and vividly the mind fills in the colour red for those dark patches on the black and white shots).

I'd be up for this super-legitimate attempt to make contact with the Great Beyond if it wasn't for the fact that Halloween falls midweek, and I'd have a difficult time justifying the heavy liddedness to work colleagues the following day. (See, it was a valid academic exercise - an international cabal of researchers decided to go right for the source...).

But if you do run into anyone wearing scrambled egg on their cap, pass on my regards and say I'm writing as fast as I can ;-)
Darlings- I was ready for my close-up Mr. DeMille. Have learned GOBS about making TV programmes, technical stuff, egos of divas, producers, directors, post-adolescent would-be stars, etc and can say the whole bit is TOO tiresome, Takes and retakes, sitting around for HOURS-being groped by audiomen-honestly! Two handsome brutes grappling power packs and wires and microphones up the front and back of my corset. They had just finished manhandling Vanessa Williams (who pulled HER dress right up over her head to get "miked"- and Oprah (who did NOT)-so I felt in noble company. The 6 "kids" were tired and fractious-am not to reveal the plot or particulars- I had to sign confidentiality clauses- but I will say the cast is for January's Real World, "my" episode will not air until NEXT summer- probably July. I have NEVER worked harder (shades of high school English teacher days) getting something good "in the can"- we wrapped at 1:30 AM after 12 grueling hours- and got to bed at 3 am. Working with the Discovery Channel was infinitely MORE pleasurable- and that at sea on a rocking ship. The Ouija Board DID loosen up the petulant cast- along with a full-moonlit trip to the cemetery (had to get the MAYOR to open it.) Titanic did crop up in the conversation ( trying toget back on subject Phil!)- mostly they wanted to discuss Leo. Sigh....
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