Etched glass privacy screens and window coverings

I'd like to start a conversation about window coverings. How many cabins had etched or stained glass screens? I understand A-1 thru 35 had them and I assume 36, 37, and the forward-facing cabins on B and C Decks. But what about the suites on B and C? At an exhibition I remember seeing a very nice stained glass screen (or at least a fragment) about porthole size with a caption claiming it was from a C Deck suite.

And what about B Deck? I know Olympic had glass screens but then there was a promenade outside. Would Titanic have followed suit?

Also, how did they work? Did they swing open or roll down with a crank? Maybe I'm way off.

Sorry for asking so many questions in one post.
The forward rooms had etched screens that rolled down with cranks. A few of them are still in position, and a few have been photographed inside the wreck.

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Cabins A36 & A37 privacy

Hi all,

I am interested in the privacy of cabins A36 & A37 with regards to their windows. It appears that these cabins have the same style of windows to the forward and aft grand staircase and a recent render of cabin A37 by the Incredible Titanic: Honor & Glory team shows this.

Would there have been a blind that was pulled down or curtains to maintain privacy? Or would there have been a frosted glass sheet that was pulled up from where the windowsill is to cover the 9 rectangular panes of glass...which leads me questioning how the semi-circular panes of glass at the top were covered to prevent light from entering in the evening.

Any help will be much appreciated :)
I hope this helps, this is a closeup of Lady Duff Gordon's Etched glass privacy screen

13920839_923787214416789_414523341115152387_n (1).jpg