Eugene Daly

Nov 1, 2006
There is some confusion here. Senan Molony's article "The Tender America" states that Daly was a weaver, but ET lists him as a farmer. I tend to believe Mr Molony, as Athlon is a textile ton, not a farming area.
Secondly, Mr Molony contradicts himself with regards to the instrument Daly played. He states it is a set of uilleann pipes, but then quotes a newspaper article which refers to "War-pipes", which are large, REGULAR bagpipes. Additionally, Mr Molony says that Daly "bit down on the mouthpiece", which is impossible with uilleann pipes as they have NO mouthpiece. Uilleann pipes have two bags, one under each arm. One is a bellows, transferring air through a leather tube usually going behind the player's back. The other is the reservoir bag, to which the pipes are attached. Anyone who saw Micky Spillane play the uilleann pipes in Riverdance knows this. Also, ET may still have a photo of Daly and his pipes posted on this site. The drones are separate, but on uilleann pipes they are bundled as one unit, which looks like a bassoon. (It lays across the knees of the player when being played).
I believe that Mr Molony made an error by assuming that Daly played the (very irish) uilleann pipes, but in fact he played the regular bagpipes.