Eva Hart's Shadow of the Titanic

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Sep 8, 2000
I had bid unsucessfully for the above mentioned
book a few times and stumbled onto a copy at used
book store here in Jersey for $3.00!!! :)

How many times was this book reprinted? Is it still difficult to find?

I love thinking this was a steal! Along with
the copy of Falling Star I got for $22.00

Rosanne MacIntyre
Nov 23, 1996

This book has been re-printed several times now, since the Titanic movie.

The main question is do you have a hard cover or paperback, as I have seen a re-print available in paperback now.

The edition you want to find is the original limited edition of 500 which is a hardcover with a black box slipcover autographed by Eva Hart and Ronald C. Denney. The series number will be under the dustjacket on the front cover.

As $3.00 is still below the original $40.00 the first 500 sold for and the $30.00 the second printings sold for.

Good-Bye Good Luck the Biography of William McMaster Murdich also an original limited edition of 500 signed copies by Susan Stormer is also in re-print.
Oct 13, 2000
although you are right about the Eva Hart reprint, there (unfortunately) has not been a reprint of Susanne Störmer's Murdoch biography, Goodbye, Good Luck. the first printing, limited to 500 copies is the only edition there is.

what you may be thinking of is that Susanne is working on a new, expanded Murdoch biography, called William McMaster Murdoch, A Career at Sea. that new book is due out next month, if all goes well.

all the best, Michael (TheManInBlack) T
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