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James Carey

Sep 14, 2004
Hello all, I saw this and thought it was sad. I don't think it has been mentioned before.
Victoria 1 was beached on 2 August 2004 at the evening tide some 2,800 feet from the shore at the Kumar Steel recycling yard, number 115 at Sosiya India. The crew arrived ashore at 2.00 am (3 August), having to walk on the muddy beach as life boats were not in working order. The ship was finally secured by rope by 04.00 am. On the 3rd and 4th of August the vessel was pulled 350 ft in front of the yard. On 17th it come about 1100 ft and on 18th and 19th about 600 ft. On 29th about 300 ft and on 30 August its comes about 125 ft with 5 mooring winches with full load.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
A sad sight to see, but unfortunately, inevitable for most ships. I'd love to see some classic liners escape the shipbreaker's torch, but as expensive as a museum is, in most cases, it just ain't gonna happen.

jon mclean

Nov 15, 2004
a sad sight indeed.
having worked on this fine ship and found her to be in excellent condition, all rivetted construction and not one plate welded to keep her together as with certain greek owned ferries with panama flag registry.
i have many memories on this ship including meeting the wife on her.
jon m

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