Exactly how similar were Normandie and LbAtlantique

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Jan 7, 2002
Interior shots of the L'Atlantique and Normandie revealed them to be near clones, though their exterior differed greatly. Someone suggested to me L'Atlantiqye was essentially a Normandie prototype. Were their public rooms identical, or am I imagining things?
Odd how both of these ships burned to a crisp. Mabey the French Linbe shoould have provided their customers with free marshmellows...


Tarn Stephanos

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
Hi, Tarn: Belatedly answering this question: there was a strong family resemblance between certain areas of the Normandie and l'Atlantique but that is not surprising since many of the same designers (Patout, Subes, Dunand for instance) contributed to the respective designs. However the overall resemblance was not as strong as the commonly published photos suggest- I have the complete set of l'Atlantique interior photos, and most of the public rooms are unique to her. Stylistically, many of the seldom seen rooms are cosniderably "cleaner" of design than are their counterparts on the Normandie. In terms of physical layout there are some similarities- such as the divided uptakes which allowed the public rooms to flow into one another along a central axis, but again many differences as well-such as the location of the First Class Dining Room on an upper deck, and the placement of the third class lounge in a deckhouse across the front of the superstructure on C Deck. Unique to l'Atlantique was the placement of an Auto Showroom on the E Deck level of Hall D'Embarquement. Unique as well is that the windows in the dining room were functional, and looked out upon what appear to be enclosed mini-promenade decks, similar in concept to the Cafe Parisien on the Titanic.

Now about the Marshmallow concept:
France (1934)
Paris (1929 and again in 1939)
Georges Phillipar (ca 1931)
l'Atlantique (1933)
Lafayette (1938)
Bretagne (all postwar)

Are you suggesting a pattern?
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