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Oct 23, 2000
I've chatted with a neighbor of mine a couple times about "Titanic" since she went and saw it twice when she was sixteen.
The reasons why as she put it to me were:

1. Cute actor (natch.)

2. Romance.

3. Sad story.

Thus here from a non-Titanic student we have a template for how it appealed to les femmes.

Ironically enough, she ruefully admitted to me that when she went on a high school-sponsored trip to New York during the height of "Ttianic"-mania, her group went to see the Broadway musical and innocently thought it was inaccurate while Cameron's film was. Only to find out later the reverse was the case.
She also told me that she saw "Titanic" only once more afterward ... and found it pretty boring.
Ah the wiles of infatuations with movie stars ...

Erin Hopkins

Apr 11, 2009
I was 15 when I saw "Titanic". I saw it more for the ship and Mom went for the costumes. Oddly enough I was more facinated with the engineering scenes and was leaning over as far as I could to see it.

I will admit to seeing it through a teenager's eyes though Leo DiCaprio didn't do much for me.

Now as an adult I can see it more through an adult's eyes.

...Though I still love the costuming.
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