Executive Warns British Carriers May Be Canceled

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From DefenseNews.com:

The industry executive leading an alliance of British companies vying for a contract to build two 65,000-metric-ton aircraft carriers for the Royal Navy has urged a swift conclusion to negotiations, or the project may never happen.
It was only a throwaway remark at the end of a conference, but Peter McIntosh, the senior executive who delivered it, emphasized the possible consequences of government and industry not quickly agreeing on a price to build the biggest warships ever planned for the Royal Navy.
McIntosh, giving an update on the program, told an audience Jan. 24 that if things aren’t hurried up, he is in danger of being part of a project that would go on record as the longest program “never to happen.”
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Comment: Government buracracy moves at two speeds: Dead slow and slower then dead. The gestation period for these ships has been a long one and politicians are not exactly the most patient people in the world. I doubt very much that the program will be canceled outright, not when it could "Bring home the bacon" to enough P.M.'s constituants, but it could happen.

The powers that be will drag their feet, but it could happen.
From The Gaurdian Unlimited:
New aircraft carriers face delays

Press Association
Thursday February 15, 2007 2:23 AM

The Royal Navy's two planned new aircraft carriers could be delayed while Britain's shipbuilding industry restructures, MPs have warned.

The Commons Defence Committee said that the Armed Forces could face a damaging "capability gap" if the new ships - which are due to replace the Navy's three existing carriers from 2013 - were late.
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Comment: A different spin on the same problems.
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