Exhumation of Titanic victims' bodies this week

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Diane Ostrow

May 19, 2001
1912 modern, huh? Certainly gives one pause to think if 1912 is modern! Heck, by that standard I'm still "just a girl"! Thanks for the info! If 5% is the margin then it's relatively low. I'm suprised by that! I thought it would be more than that what with sea water and length of burial in wooden coffins and all.

wendi parker

I might be the only one who thinks this.. but if there's a chance that even one of the victums is identified then why not go ahead and try.
i know its disturbing their peace... i know it sounds horrible digging up a person whos been dead for years..they probably dont even care.
i just cant help but wonder who the people are. Whether technology today can tell us who it is.
maybe it doesnt even matter so much, many lost their entire families on board. not much to compare it to DNA wise. but does it matter?

i mean are we smarter today then we were when this happened? could we figure out who those missing people are without a doubt. who knows. but its worth a try.
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