Expertise on CH Lightoller

I'm sticking my nose in here just to see if Inger is still poking about. She appears to be the Subject Matter Expert when it comes to CH Lightoller. It's been occasionally rumoured throughout my life that he is a distant or "off-branch" relative of my family.

So I just thought I'd drop in and say hello!

Vaughan Lightowler
Ottawa, Ontario

Inger Sheil

Hallo Vaughan, and welcome to the board -

I am indeed still around. I wouldn't call myself the expert when it comes to CH Lightoller - I have done some work on him, but I'd say that Monika Simons and Pat Winship have greater expertise on this particular officer. If I can be of assistance I'd be happy to oblige - I do believe that Lightowler and some of the other variations all come from the same source, but how far back the connection goes I don't really know. Do you have Lancashire connections that you know of?


Hi Inger,

I am from Bradford, Yorkshire as is my father and grandfather. There may be Lancashire roots beyond that however. Apparently the name Lightowler is prevalent in that part of England. Obviously we were a prolific lot.

I'll get in touch with Monika and Pat as well. Thanks for dropping by and helping out!