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Chad Swon

I'm looking for a F Witt who may have been a trimmer. I'm not finding but one Witt listed on the Titanic. Is it possible someone else has a record of him?
Hello Chad,

On this webb-site as F Watts. Looking at his signature I think his name was Witts, not Witt.

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F Witts
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F. Witt was listed on the US Senate list as a Trimmer. Living at St. Michael's House, Southampton.

I would assume, since he is not listed here at ET, this is either a incorrect listing by the Senate, or he actually is listed under another name here. Possibly as Trimmer F. Watts? Watts is NOT listed in the Senate list.
Hello Bill,


What about Restaurant employee Piazzo Pompeo. On this site as Pompeo Piazza, but looking at his signature Pompeo was his surname. I'm not sure about Piazz... "o" or "a"?

What please do you have in your records?
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Hi, On my lists I have:
Witt, F. Lived at St. Michael's House, St Michael's Street, Southampton. Occupation - Trimmer. 36 years old. (Born in Surrey). No dependents claimed from the Titanic Relief Fund.


Piazza, (Piatti) Pompeo. Lived at 94 Newport Building, London. Occupation - Waiter, (Ritz Restaurant).
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 559. Piazza, Emilie, widow. Child: Charles. Domenico, father and Domenica mother. All class D dependants.
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number C. 561. Piatti. Parents received a grant of £30.
Body number 266. Estimated age 35. Hair dark. Clothing:- Black trousers, dark coat, cotton shirt, patent shoes. Effects:- Knife. Interred at Mount Olivet Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Cheers Brian
Thank you Bill. - Yes I aware that the Senate List has P Piazza. We know that there are errors in that List.

Hello Brian,

F Witt. Thank you. His signature is hard to read but I still believe it has an "s" on the end of it. What do you think?

Bill, Brian,

With regard to Piazza, (Piatti) Pompeo unless he signed with his surname first then according to his signature surely Pompeo is his surname? - What do you both think specifically with regard to the signature?

Hello Chad,

The name as it appears on this web-site in a transcription of the Signing-on-Sheets: Fr. Wats [Witts]
The Signing-on-Sheets are where I copied the signature from.
Hello everybody, it was quite common, as I understand it, that Italians signed with their first names where others may use last names. Pompeo is, I believe the first name, whereas Piazza (meaning 'market' or 'square') is the last name.

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