Fake Windows

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Hello everyone,
I have noticed that there are two "fake" windows near the second-class smoking room. One is near the men's WC, on the starboard side facing aft towards the stern. The other one is second-class pantry on the portside and is at the same direction. Later on, I found a picture of the Olympic I suspect it was in 1913,looking from the Poop-deck towards the super structure. The Windows are not there, but you can clearly see the markings where they were once placed. On the plans it does not show these windows, but you can clearly see then getting fitted out on the Titanic in her fitting out basin, but it is strange because there is no square open hole for the windows to cover. Can anyone confirm if these are fake windows?

Regards Nigel
I wonder if the windows you are looking at (based on your description) aren't near the hatches on B-deck? Some of the windows near the hatches were fitted out with white painted, 2-panel shutters to protect them from swinging cargo as it was placed in the holds. Not so clear pictures and far away shots would make it appear that these windows (covered) had disappeared.
I've seen 2 good pictures which show these shutters. Regrettably, I will be away for a time, so I won't be able to retrieve them and send a copy your way so you can see.


Rolf Vonk

Hey there,

Very interesting observation Nigel. I don't know anything about it, but I'm curious. I'm going to look if I can see the windows you mentioned.

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