Fall of the Titanic (Abandoned Titanic Game)

Logan Horning

Dec 4, 2018
Hello, everyone. Back in 2016, there was a game on Steam called "Fall of the Titanic" in which you wake up in your cabin on F-Deck and go up deck by deck to escape the Titanic as it sinks. This game was met with mixed reviews. One half loves this game for the detail in the interior, the other half hates this game because it happened to be glitchy when it was first released. Personally, I think this game is worth a try and is good for a quick game, and the game has improved a lot from it's first release. Unfortunately, the creator of this game became constantly harassed by haters, who called it a ripoff of Honor and Glory for taking place on the Titanic as it sinks, eventually the creator gave up and abandoned it, and nobody has heard from him since. Unfortunately, this game got deleted and there is no way you can get this game (legally, at least). Anyway, here's a video of me playing Fall of the Titanic. Fell free to tell me what you think of this game.

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Harland Duzen

Jan 14, 2017
I had this game.

It was certainly very glitchy - in that you could escape the level* or not trigger the rising water so it just freezes just to name a few things.

weirdly through, it did have a kind of charm and certainly worked on a very creepy level with the idea that a terrified passenger or torrent of water would appear in front of you in the corridor at any moment.

Last I heard, the creator was creating passenger models to populate the boat deck prior to the collision cutscene (which was quite well done) but he possibly died^?

*For example, you could with little difficulty, glitch through the roof and walk above to the checkpoint, personally I managed to do this in the bridge where I could jump through a window and wander around. The boat deck was largely empty with the wheelhouse the only structure that was built and everything else just an outline, I,could wander up to the 1st Class lounge where the deck ended and you could jump into a void. Very trippy!

^A rumor I heard, which I hope isn't true.
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