Falling Funnel

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i'm new to this place and just heard a bit about a funnel falling on top of swimmers
i need some not-very-well-know info on the titanic for homework and this sounds like a great thing to add
could any of you give me some information about this please
also, if you would be kind enough to help, can you please give me some other information on the titanic
thanks :D

A quick answer: The first funnel fell on an estimated 47 people in the water. One of those people was first-class passenger Dwayne Williams. It can be argued that the other funnels, too, when toppled, possibly landed on swimmers, but the first (forward) funnel is, of course, the famous one and the funnel about which you've no doubt heard.

As Michael said, you'll find an endless amount of information on the Titanic here at ET. This is the official Titanic site. Just look around and even talk here on the forums. There is a multitude of individuals here with experience and insight that will be able to help you fill in information from stem to stern. ;)


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