Families of Survivors

Jul 13, 2003
Don't know if this is the right place for this...but I'm trying to write a book on the Titanic and I want it to be really in-depth (like the complete passenger list and how all the survivors eventually died). So I was wondering if anybody on here had family on the Titanic or if anybody could help me in locating all the survivors fates. I'd really appreciate it.

Bob Godfrey

Nov 22, 2002
Hallo, Bridgette. Check out the individual 'name' threads in the Passenger Research and Crew Research sections of the message board and you'll find that several of them were started by members who are related to the person concerned.

There is no book (yet) which covers the lives (or deaths) of ALL the people on Titanic, but there are very good books about the Irish, the Canadians and the Norwegians, and another book about the women and children on board. You'll notice that most writers have taken on just part of the very large subject area of people on the Titanic, and it would be a good idea if you did the same for your first writing project. It would be best to find out first about people who lived in your own part of the country, where you are closer to the sources of information like local newspaper archives. There is some good advice for young writers in another message thread which is here:


But don't be put off by the first few postings in that thread, which aren't to be taken seriously!

If you want to check out the books I mentioned above, go to http://www.titanicbooksite.com/index.html and look for the authors Senan Molony, Alan Hustak, Per Kristian Sebak and Judith Geller. Best of luck with your researches.

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