Family on the Bradley

Jessie M.

Jan 13, 2019
So I dunno if anybody will end up seeing this; but there are a few things I need help figuring out Forum.
To start off; my Great Great Uncle - his Sister was my Great Great Grandmother - was Douglas Bellmore, a Porter aboard the Carl D. Bradley. But besides that I don't really know much else, and I'd like to learn more.
Now I won't ask too much when it comes to family stuff, I know where he came from and what his life on land was probably like and I know that finding info like that would be near impossible for you guys to help me figure out so I'm gonna stick to asking about the hard facts rather than that kind of stuff.

That said; what would a Porter like him have done once on board the ship? I know Porter's help load cargo onto the ship before setting off, but not quite what they do once on board the ship. Also, is it possible to determine where his room might've been on the ship? I've seen some Dive Footage on Youtube before and some of the Crew Quarters appear to be on the top deck, but I've no idea if they're were any other Quarters elsewhere on the ship.

As a little side note; tt's alright if you guys can't help me with this. At the very least, I'd just like to talk with you all. :)

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