Fanny Maria Kelly

I am somewhat interested in this post, I have a journal that I am doing some research into on behalf of the owner who bought it from an auction. The book has an entry about Fanny. I know it is this Fanny as it has reference to a Dick, sometimes used for the name Richard who sailed to New York. It also says Fanny sailed on the Titanic and later says Fanny died March 1st / 20. What interests me is this journal isn't in any particular chronological order, it has several entries or lists about furniture and on one list discusses a servants bedroom. I wonder whether this is at the boarding house Fanny once lived at? The passage also mentions something about her death and a possible date and location of where she was buried. I will attached a photo after this post and maybe someone could help me decipher it.
I realize that after 2 years you may have no interest in Fanny Kelly. However, I wrote the ET entry for Fanny Kelly. If you are still interested, feel free to contact me.

Matt never responded to my earlier inquiry. However, I essentially wrote Fanny’s biography. If you have any questions about additional details, feel free to contact me.

Charles Caldwell