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I'll begin:

Farewell QE2!!

CHEERS!! for 40 years of service, and for many of us wonderful cruise/excursion memories.
For me, that was the 1997 Trans-Atlantic Crossing (which included Millvina Dean as a fellow passenger) and the August Taste of the Mediterranean Cruise.

May you receive stupendous send-offs at each of your final port visits!

Tonight (it's almost 8:00 PM here in California) I will offer a toast:
"To the QE!2"!!!

I see this is the end to an era of transatlantic travel. Other liners may come and go to fill a niche market but she's truly the last of a very special breed.
Oh dear. Latest news is she touched down on a sandbank entering the Solent at Brambles point. Tugs got her off quickly and no apparent damage.

A reminder that even in this day and age such things happen.

Ellen Grace Butland

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Farewell, te waka rangitira (Queen of ships) I wish you a happy retirement in Dubai. Lets be positive, at least she is not headed for Alang or Rosyth (like the Mauretania) and the new owners might have enough money to keep the QE2 in good condition, unlike the poor old Queen Mary.
As an avid ship modeler I remember years ago building the QE2. I spent HOURS with a fine paint brush painting all the portholes black, applying the decals, stringing the foremast then proudly displaying it on my shelves, along with the Titanic, Lusitania, Queen Mary, Queen Elizabeth and France.

Then one day I came home from school only to discover that the brackets holding the shelves to the wall had given way. I almost cried. All my beautiful ships lay crushed to smithereens on the floor.


Joe Russo

What time did she arrive? I checked the webcam at 12am Pacific time (which I believe is noon Dubai local time) and she was still heading southwest in the Persian Gulf. Was there even a flotilla worthy of her? Anything like the Queen Mary received?
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