Fascination with the TITANIC wreck

Jan 29, 2001

As a response of sort to Mr. Bigham's query and an attempt to convey my feelings with my fascination of the TITANIC wreck, I have opted
for a more responsive topic heading.

My orgin of fascination dates back to my childhood, perhaps the culmination of being raised at Lake Tahoe and exposure to ANTR in '67 ( BTW, Tahoe is the 2nd deepest lake in the world, 1,600' some odd. Balkai of Russia is number one at 5,000' some odd.)

I was always fascinated while on a boat far out on Lake Tahoe and peering over the boatside into the abyss...the change in color alone demanded immediate respect from the mighty depth which lurked below our frail craft.

And in 1985 upon my viewing of the first video/stills of the TITANIC wreck, this power of the deep sea which tore the *mightiest ship afloat* asunder, was brought to a reality. Aside from the fact that every conceivable leisure and safety measure was implemented into the *mighty* vessel, over time mankind continues to struggle with this realization of frailty and security.

The wreck of the TITANIC will forever stand alone as the ultimate icon of a senseless tragedy.

The fact that the technology for mankind to explore the wreck up-close has progressed so rapidly, is a fascination in itself.

The development of a sphere capable of withstanding pressure equivlant to, in Dick Barton's summary..."Two double-decker bus's resting atop a human thumbnail"...is nothing short of ingenious!

Michael A. Cundiff

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