Fashion on the Titanic

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Gevers Sara

I'd like to know where i can find something on the fashion on Titanic? Can anyone help me out?
You must trot right over to The Gilded Age under TREE VIEW and click on The Thread on Threads which has tons of fashion 1912 postings. If you want to make clothes I recommend Amazon Drygoods patterns-they have a catalogue and are online. And What Randy doesn't know is not worth knowing. I have some links if you want to send me an email.
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Emily Bisignano

I'm very interested in Edwardian fashion. Being a little "designer in the making," I like drawing my own dress designs that resemble Edwadian dress. My dresses are very long, elegent, beaded, laced, layered, satined, silked, embroidered, just beautiful gowns. Ok, I admit that I really wouldn't mind wearing those breathtaking gowns of the Edwardian Era. I'm sure you wouldn't mind at all
George- go to the bottom of the page and click on TOPICS, then Gilded Age- you will find everything from undies to jewelry, mens, ladies, and children's duds and how to make your OWN 1912 fashions arranged in threads under this. The Thread on Threads is our longest running and most comprehensive on the subject- don't forget to check the archived stuff too. Pack a lunch, you will be there for a week!
Hi all! Can anyone tell me if there was a particular kind of fashion in clothing, hats and/or jewelry that one would wear on board ships in Titanic's era? Thank you!!!
Hi! Another "fashion" question that came up: in the Cameron movie, I believe I saw a woman holding a box, probably a jewellery box with her on her way to the boat and another in the elevator scene. Are there any accounts of women taking their valuables with them in boxes or did they just abandon them in the pursher's office? Are accounts of such cases anywhere? Thank you!!!
Hi again! Anyone with more info on the above thread would be greatly appreciated! Thank you all for sharing your thoughts and I hope many more will follow in the Olympic year 2004! Happy New Year everybody!!!

I don't know of any woman carrying a jewelry box although someone else may have heard of it.

I believe Ida Straus carried some of her jewelry but gave it over to her maid before the latter entered boat 8. Eleanor Widener saved some of her pearls. Lucy Duff Gordon carried a small jewelry satchel, holding the few pieces she had in her cabin.

I am sure there are instances of other ladies carrying some of their valuables. But I can't think of a case of an actual jewelry box being carried into a boat.

Also, as Shelley mentioned to you some months ago (see above), there is a more detailed thread on fashion under the sub-topic Gilded Age where you can go for answers to your questions related to this subject.

I know that straw hats and middy blouses were almost de trop in the summertime at the resorts, but I don't think there was an equivalent winter wardrobe theme. Just the fur coats so you didn't freeze and the fancy dress and jewels to show how rich you were.
That's a great site Barbara. Thanks for the link.

But let me again remind readers that there is a more detailed thread dealing with this subject under the GILDED AGE topic, called "THE THREAD ON THREADS." Drop over there and you will likely find answers to many of your vintage fashion questions.
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