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Hello friends, My name is Fasahat Hood. I am new to this online community. I am a fashion designer by proffesion. I am here to know latest fashion updates.]
Fasahat Hood
>>I am here to know latest fashion updates.]<<


This particular forum and website is interested in the RMS Titanic and other period liners. If you're interested in fashion from the Edwardian era, someboy here may be able to help you.

If your interest is current fashion, that might be a bit of a problem.
Looking for a fashion brand..

Hello friends, My name is Mark Fashion. I am fashion designer by profession. I am looking for the fashionable cloths of different country. So share here the latest fashion of you knowledge.
This is a forum for people with a specialised interest in the world as it was 100 years ago. That's a long way from the latest fashions.
OK, Mark, or Fasahat---

This is not the place for discussing "latest fashion." Please do not post any further messages like these two; they will be deleted (as was the one you posted about a week and a half ago) and your posting privileges may be suspended.

Thanks for your cooperation.