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Is there a website out there that has copies of the photos Father Browne took on the Titanic? I'm interested as I have photos of a dressing table from the Olympic that is exactly the same as the one that was in his cabin. It would be good to have a link to the photo of the inside of his cabin showing the wardrobe.

David Colton


Try this site: fatherbrowne.com
It shows most of the photos he took of Titanic. It also shows some other photos that Father Browne had taken during his life.
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Dec 7, 2000
I haven't been to a Fr. Browne web site for a while, but from memory, I don't think it shows any pictures of his cabins. Stuart there¡¦s plenty of pictures of Olympic's cabins that show the same dressing table that was in his cabin. The pictures are from the ¡¥Shipbuilder¡¦, and so far as I know you can use them without breeching copyrights as most of the cabin pictures are no longer part of any archive and 'Shipbuilder' no longer exists. I hope someone can correct me if I'm wrong!


PS. And if the pictures are still part of an archive, they¡¦re part of the wrong archive as the pictures are originally H&W photos.
Dec 2, 2000
Easley South Carolina
<FONT COLOR="ff0000">Caution,if memory serves, The Shipbuilder does exist in an incarnation as "Shipping World and Shipbuilder." (I may have the name wrong.) In regards copyrights, it never hurts to check rather then assume.

Beats getting sued if you guess wrong.

Michael H. Standart

kelly murru

I don't know the Father Browne web site, but I do know that there's a book that shows all his pictures called "Father Browne's Titanic Album". Theres also a Postcard book that has the picture that you're talking about called "Postcards from the Titanic" Photographs By Father Browne. And if you're really intrested, Titanic the Exhibition in Orlando, FL has the complete collection of Father Browne's Pictures. I hope I helped alittle bit. Good luck!!!

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