Father Pirrone's Titanic model

Mike Herbold

Feb 13, 2001
Here's Father Pirrone's Titanic model that is on permament display at the Los Angeles Maritime Museum, in San Pedro, California, just a few minutes north of Long Beach and the Queen Mary. Posted this on the TML list and didn't realize that others were not aware of it. Perhaps it can be set up as a permanent link in the Modelling Section of the Titanic Links.


John Clifford

Mar 30, 1997
If you get to the Maritime Museum, the Gift shop has, or at least had, postcards featuring the two cutaway models; yes, I have both postcards.

The postcards have four images, placed together.

On both postcards, you can see the other cutaway model.

On the Lusitania postcard, one image shows a painting of the Mauretania, in her "cruising days" (painted fully white), and an image of Father Pirrone working on the model. You can, also, see, in the background of another image, the model of the Queen Mary that was used for "The Poseidon Adventure".

To the BTS Members: when you come out to the Queen Mary, next year, be sure and get out to the LA Maritime Museum.

John Clifford

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