Favorite Fictional Ocean Liners


Zack Wyatt

I like the two modern cruise ship designs of the SS Poseidon in the 2005 and 2006 remakes of "The Poseidon Adventure".

Here's a link to a picture of the 2005 design:


Here's a link to a picture of the 2006 design:


I also like the SS Tipton, a fictional cruise ship in the TV Series "The Suite Life on Deck". Here are two links to pictures of the ship. The first link is an article about the ship.


The second link is the TV show's official website. The loading screen features a bird's eye view of the ship and the link "7 Seas High" brings you up to a screen, which at the topper right hand corner there are two links. Click "Explore the Boat", and you will see a moving diagram of a bird's eye view of the ship with labels showing the swimming pools, Sky Deck, etc.


You will notice on the website posted above, the picture of the SS Tipton on the brochere is a parody of the famous Normandie poster. The original poster can be found here:


Tell me what you think of these 3 fictional ships. Again they are:
1. 2005 Poseidon
2. 2006 Poseidon
3. SS Tipton

Zack Wyatt

I agree, Augusto. It's a shame she capsized and sank. Luckily, it was only fiction!

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