Favorite passengers


Paul Jones

Here is my 5 favorite Titanic passengers. What's yours?
1. Rosa Abbott
2. Jack Thayer
3. Dorothy Gibson
4. Madame Aubert
5. Alice Cleaver
Kate Bortner

Kate Bortner

Tough question. I have more of a top 50, but here goes:
1) Ruth Becker
2) Ida & Isidor Strauss
3) Jessie Trout
4) Millvina Dean
5) The Laroche Family
6) Frederick Fleet
7) Edith Haisman
8) Kate Buss
9) Daniel Buckley
10)Margaret Brown

gosh, I clould go on and on. . . .
Kate Bortner

Kate Bortner

Good guestion, btw. Can't wait to here others' lists. Inger???? Yours?? Randy? Kyrila? Shell? Behe???? C'mon you guys, I know you have a top 10 in ya. :0

David Haisman

Hi Kate,

Thank you very much indeed for including Edith Haisman as one of your favourites.

Yours Sincerely,
David Haisman

Mikael Jonsson

1. Marjorie Newell Robb
2. Ruth Becker
3. Lillian Asplund
4. Michel Navratil.
5. Lightoller
6. Millvina Dean
7. Eva Hart.
8. Agnes Sandström
9. Mauritz í…dahl
10. the baker (hmm what was his name?)

Bob Cruise

Mikael -

C.J. Joughin!

(one of my favorites - a real, personal inspiration for me, if ever there was one)

Mikael Jonsson

Bob, thanks.
yes he was an interesting person. Drunk when the ship sank ;)

James Hill

1st class
the Ryerson family
the Astors

2nd class
the Hart family

3rd class
the Goldsmiths
Minnie Coutts and her sons

Alan Hustak

for geographical reasons, I have always liked Quigley Baxter, that hockey playing rascal, although his sister was a bit of a pain.
And I would have enjoyed talking to Stead, Millet and Chevré. And every single member of the orchestra.

Steve Smith

Father Francis Browne, SJ. Not only was he a mean photographer, he knew when it was time to leave...

Matthew O'Brien

Here are some of my favorites, in no particular order:

Fr Browne and the Odell Family (Thanks to them we have some physical idea of what life on the ship was like)
Esther Hart ( I wonder if she ever said "I told you so" )
Eva Hart, Edith Brown Haisman, and Ruth Becker ( These woman have brought the Titanic alive for me through their willingness to discuss something that many could not; I think that we owe a great deal to them, without their bravery in sharing their stories, many of us may never have understood the true meaning of the disaster.)
The Countess of Rothes(what a remarkable woman, the "plucky little countess" is someone that any school would be proud to have on their rowing team)
Molly Brown (who really couldn't like her; any one who threatens to throw Hitchens overboard is okay in my book!)
Madeleine Astor (imagine the dirty looks she got from the other first class women in the dining room)
Emily Ryerson ( I have often thought of what this disaster did to her life; first she lost her son, and then her husband; I admire her strength, many woman would have simply give up aften such trying times.)
Archibald Gracie (seems like we all have a friend like this; a little over-bearing, but fun to be around)
Hannah O'Brien (I am distantly related to her, through marriage, [her husband and my paternal Great Grandfather were first cousins]. She was my paternal Grandfather's Godmother, and he only knew a little of her tale. It was through this connection that my Grandfather first introduced me to Titanic, and my greatest wish would be to have known her.

I have many more, but I have lots of stuff to do; will probably continue with this later on.

Tracy Smith

Tracy Smith

Let's see.... Off the top of my head (and I may think of more after I've posted)

JJ and Madeleine Force Astor
Margaret Brown
Isidor and Ida Straus
Edith Evans
Lawrence Beesley
Baker C. Joughin
Michel Navratil
Katie Gilnagh
Celiney Yasbeck
the Sage family
Chief Office Wilde
First Officer Murdoch
Fifth Officer Lowe

Dr. Douglas B. Willingham

As conversationalists, at least, I'd venture that Jacques Futrelle, Rene Harris, Margaret Brown and, of course, Archie b*** would have brought the most to "the table".

Don Tweed

1) Rosa Abbott
2) The Goodwins
3) Charles Lightoller
4) The Allisons
5) And all the untold stories of 3rd class that we will never know

Brandon Whited

01. John Borland "Jack" Thayer, Jr.
02. Charles Herbert Lightoller
03. Richard Norris Williams II
04. Harold Godfrey Lowe
05. Milton Clyde Long