Favorite passengers


Melinda Laura Varju

The Allison family-little Loraine Allison, such a darling little girl
Andersson family
Asplund family
Palsson family (I have Gosta as a part of my e-mail address.)
Panula family
Lefebvre family
Danbom family
Michel Navratil and his two little boys
Skoog family
Sage family
Rice family
Klas Albin Klasen and his little sister Gertrud Klasen
Salli Rosblom
Telma Matilda Strom
Edith Peacock and her little babies Treasteall and Edward
Laroche family
Austin Blyler Van Billiard and his two little sons James (10) and Walter (9) who were the exact same age, respectively as my brother and I when we came to the US with me being older.

Matthew Farr

Lawrence Beesley
Frankie Goldsmith
Jack Thayer
Arthur Peuchen
Olus Abelseth
Eva Hart
Molly Brown
Charles Lightoller
Harold Bride
Thomas Andrews

Holly Peterson

I really like all the children on the Titanic but overall Jessie Goodwin, age 10, in third class, is my favorite because I feel so sorry for her and her family.