February 2001 Titanic Baby Found in Life Ring

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Aug 29, 2000
Walk, do not run to the newsstand for the Feb 6th issue of Weekly World- "Titanic Baby Found in Life Ring!!"-yes- a dimpled, very superimposed tot looks tragic peering from the center of a life ring- maybe all of 10 months old. Inside we learn that like Winnie Coutts and Capt. Smith, he is being kept at an undisclosed (NO!!) location and is expected to age rapidly and die as did the other "survivors". Baby is crying for mamma and calling the nurses Ma- (how original). Time warp tot hasn't aged a day in 89 years the piece proclaims.The little boy was plucked from the North Atlantic by crewmen from the Hysstad-Sceter- o.k.....and THEN- a man in a captain's cap and white uniform ( I would think Smith would be in blues at that time of year) but all the pix seem to show him in white- funny about that...yes, er.. also found near the site was a 2001 -style monolith. Dr. Malyin Iddleland-the FAMED maritime researcher has a theory it must be a clue and the 2 discoveries must be linked. Science, life and death seem to have lost their meaning says the famed Dr.(I would add minds, common sense, and reason to that list!). When the Norwegian vessel approached the flailing tot, the ghostly captain, holding the babe afloat, evaporated. The baby had yellow 1912 jammies on , made by a Brit firm which went out of business in 1925. AN elderly uncle and 2 cousins have visited- I wonder- maybe the baby was carrying an American Express card- never leave home without it- or else how would "THEY" know who the kid was.... the mind boggles. This is the same rag which also presented THE TITANIC MUMMY! Sigh....
Jul 9, 2000
Easley South Carolina
And they were so much more fun when they had Princess Di having a space alien's love child.

Michael H. Standart
Jan 22, 2001
Did anyone see the story of "Lucinda Allison" and her tragic romance? According to the story, she and her lover were both lost, but her diary was found, in readable condition, of course, with portions reprinted in the
Weekly World News (or something similar) around the time of the 1997 movie?

Elaine R Barnes

Who's "Lucinda Allison?" She and her lover must have been stow-aways...

Jim Kalafus

Dec 3, 2000
She was Lorraine's evil older sister, who travelled under an assumed name, and who was the REAL reason for the famous 37 second delay.
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