Film of Harry Lauder boarding Lusitania at Liverpool

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It's ironic that the post below is discussing the last film footage of the Lusitania. I now work for the Scottish Screen Archive and came across a film of the Scots Music hall entertainer taking the boat train from London Euston to Liverpool where he and hisentourage board the Lusitania. There's shots of the side of the ship looking up and then shots from the boat deck looking down at the quayside. There also a closing sequence of Harry and his pals having fun on the boat deck and alongside the distinctive flip-lid cowl vents. Hard to imagine the sheer horror that would have taken place there on 7 May 1915.

My boss told me that the film was originally dated 1918 by the pathe-movietone organisation when it was first acquired. However, she thinks it's more likely pre-ww1 for obvious reasons.

You can get the archive's address somewhere at if you'd like to acquire a copy of it.


Eric Sauder

Nov 12, 2000

Many thanks for posting that. It sounds like there's some great footage of the ship. I'll have to get a copy!

Hi Eric,

If you want to go about getting a copy, the person to email is Annie at:
[email protected]

Tell her it was I who referred you. The reference number in the archive for it is 11. I should tell you that the bit of film is only just under 2 minutes in length, however it would be a worthwhile addition to any Lusitania buff's collection.

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