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Teri Lynn Milch

Randy, You'll just never know now, will ya?

You are BAD Randy, SO VERY VERY BAD! I'm grinning quite devilishly right now. I'm caught dead in the ringer ....

Teri Lynn Milch

But getting back to Pat Cook,

Thanks for the clarification on your interests vs your specializations. I too, am not a specialist in anything in particular. (except harrassing Randy) I enjoy everything about Titanic matters, even the crazy Board members here. (but I'm not one of them!!!! Hah hah, what a joke, eh fellas?) That Randy fella got my blood pumping and now, oh geez. Nevermind. What I'm thinking in my head right now I better not publish on this Board, else Phil will come after me and banish me forever! I think i'll turn in for the night while I'm still ahead...

Did you add your Lawrence Beasley annotations to your website? If so, what is that address again? You got my curiosity of the cat and my interest of Einstein flared up.


If you record your voice on video first, I'll try to follow after you. Then everyone can laugh at the both of us, instead of just me alone! (a joke, ha ha ~ hee hee.) Well just record the darn thing and send me the video will ya!

George Behe,

I've heard nothing but good things about you on this Board. I know you wrote a book entitled, "Titanic, Safety, Speed and Sacrifice." I'll be purchasing it in the next two weeks, then I'll be able to comment on it. For now, congrats on being a published author! How long did it take you to write this work? Sacrifice, hmmm. I wonder WHO made the sacrifice. I can only guess for now. But whatever the sacrifice is, i'm sure you told it good!

Goodnight for now ~


Bill Wormstedt

re: George B. and sacrifices:

George prefers goats and volcanos. The volcanos are kinda hard to find in the wilds of Michigan, though.

William Ajello

By Jan C. Nielsen on Saturday, September 8, 2001 - 12:54 am:

I think it depends on the person, Bill. I stood in Dealey Plaza, alone and without music, some years ago and felt no catharsis. Others, I've heard, go there and cry, and carry on. The assassination of the president was tragic, and when John Jr. was killed, for whatever reason some of the pathos of that November 1963 time frame actually came back into my head. It was really strange. I didn't cry or anything. But I felt kind of a hopelessness, or deep down sadness and sense of loss. I'm not sure why--but I don't need music to comprehend that story. With the Titanic disaster, however, music helps a lot.

Well Jan, thanks for replying to my letter, I tend to agree with you that it depends on the person when they are at a site of great historical significance, for instance , a co-worker of mine goes to gettysburg every year and we all know what happened there, some points of historical significance touch each our lives differently.......I only used Dallas as a refernce, I could not go there and feel much of anything because the hustle and bustle of everyday life there in that spot leaves concentration very difficult.

But somehow out in the middle of the north atlantic at night in pitch darkness over the sight of the wreck would have a far different effect on me because not one person died here but more than 1500, screaming in the middle of the night and no one to answer their pleas...yes you could probably stand there and hear the voices.....I wish I could go there someday..

Until then, I can only pause in rememberance..... Bill >