Final Plunge


Todd C. Riniolo

For me, the most interesting aspect of Titanic's final plunge is the eyewitness testimony (did the ship break in two or not). If anyone has any obscure references on this subject (I've gone through the Senate and British transcripts), I would greatly appreciate them. Also, has anyone run across any author or inquiry prior to finding Titanic that concluded the ship did break in two? Thanks...

Dean Manning

If you've read the American and British transscripts, you'll notice that they are filled with contradictions. The truth is that the Titanic did split almost in two at the surface. What's really interesting is that up untill 1985 when the ship was found laying on the ocean bottom in two sections, the world basically trusted those surviving officers testimonies(especially Second Officer Charles Lightoller's) that Titanic went down in one piece. In 1996 and 1998 expeditions, scientist did a somewhat through forensic investigation to try and piece together Titanic's sinking. For me, the best source concerning this part of the disaster is the video tape call Titanic: Answers from the Abyss. it can be bought at the discovery channel web sight. The tape highlights the 98's expedition and it's scientific findings.

I don't think this is exactly what you want, but I hope it helps.


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