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Frank Murry

Hello, my name is Frank, I am new to this. But I have located and have a trasfer of Albert Wirz's Stone. Just recently I have found out that his grave site is less than a mile from my home. In my research his stone was finally placed on Sept 5 1996.

Melissa Negri

Hi : )

I am new to this board but have been a Titanic buff since I was a little kid. I noticed on one of the upper posts that two of the unlucky souls are buried in Iowa. Would anyone know where in Iowa they are buried at? I grew up in a small town about 20 mins from Des Moines and have never heard of anyone from Iowa that was aboard the Titanic when she went down. I would love to be able to visit the sites next time I am up home to visit my parents. : )

Thanks in advance!! : )

Melissa : )
Dec 12, 1999
Hi Melissa,

First-class passenger Walter Donald Douglas is buried at the Oak Hill Cemetery in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.

Third-class passenger Ernst Danbom is buried in Stanton, Iowa, in the local town cemetery.

I hope this helps.

Michael Findlay

Melissa Negri


Thanks for the info. : ) I will be sure to look up their final resting places next time I am up home.

It's funny how you find out info. Whenever we would study about the Titanic in school, there was never any mention of people from Iowa being on board. Or for that matter, when I was in 6th grade we had a very intense study of just Iowa history for the entire year where we learned from how Indians danced, to the congressional medal of honor winners from Iowa, but never any mention of one of the most talked about shipwrecks of the 20th century and its connection to Iowa. : )

Again, thanks for the info. : )

Melissa : )
Jan 16, 1998
Is this the obituary for the second class Titanic survivor?:

Chicago Tribune, Saturday, January 12, 1946, p. 10 (actually the obituary page):

RIDSDALE---Lucy Ridsdale. At Chapel, 1648 w. 63rd street. Until 9 am Monday. Services 10 am Monday at 4724 Vincennes avenue. Internment at Oak Woods.

Her . . . or possibly another woman with the same name? I dare not say---and I have no supporting details (an inspection of the city's other 4 daily papers failed to produce anything---the only item is this lone obituary, rendered above. As such, I'm in fear to make a pronouncement

ET's bio for Miss Ridsdale, though informative, failed to provide a date of death, and other information on her is sparse.

Someone out there in Titanicland must know something.

I went to the interesting and well-done Great Lakes Titanic Society website, and though they do have a detailed list of Titanicsurvivors buried in the Chicago area (and most accurate I must say), yet they fail to list Miss Ridsdale---but only, of course, if it be her.

Why the lack of info? What's the mystery? I did come across a web site some years back that mentioned her, and the fact that she was going to Ohio, and later Chicago. That was it, no real details. Other sources state that she was coming from London to Marietta, Ohio. What she was doing in Chicago I have no idea (though she is one of several survivors, who were not Chicagoans, who later settled in the Windy City.

Strange . . . all this. Well, maybe there is something about, only I haven't found it.

Oak Woods is a beautiful cemetery on the city's south side (southeast actually). Famed nuclear physicist Enrico Fermi, baseball star Cap Anson, 4 mayors of Chicago, and many other notables are at rest here (it's also the site of the Confederate War Memorial (an official US government monument).

Bewitched, bothered and bewildered---well, surely some one must know something?
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