Finding a definitive source of Titanic's Distress Calls and replies:

for a while now, I been searching online and though several books for a definitive and complete timeline of all of Titanic's distress calls and replies from other ships.

I just recently brought "Titanic: Signals of Disaster" but was slightly disappointed to find just a few miscellaneous messages from Olympic and Baltic with the book's main aim of giving a overview of Bride and Phillips work and how the Marconi wireless was seen by the public. (It still worth getting and I would recommend it but don't hope for too much).

Back to Topic, I since found several sources on various trust on the internet and would like to ask everyone's opinion on what's the best to trust and use for research (or if there's another source I completely missed and anyone minds suggesting):

Wireless Distress Messages Sent and Received April 14-15, 1912
(by Mark Baber)

(A condensed scale of all messages sent during the sinking and in my view the best source)

(A BBC Radio Show narrated by Sean Coughan, Author of "Titanic: Signals of Disaster" similar to the video above)
(by Paul Lee)

Which one of these (or another source) is the best for study and research in your opinion?

Thank you in advance to anyone who knows any good sources.
Knowing Mark and Paul I'd expect both to be pretty good. There are many messages on Marconi's own site, but whether they add anything I don't know.


Thank you for the link but unforetunaley I can't seem to access the site.

Personally, I on the urge of using "Titanic Text Messages - A streaming Log of Distress Transmissions" as mentioned above as a source since it gives all the times and appears to have all the messages sent to and from Titanic, but I don't know whether the source the creator used is reputable (maybe I have to contact him).
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Mark Baber

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Knowing Mark and Paul I'd expect both to be pretty good.
Thanks for the kind words, Dave, but I can't accept credit for that page on Great Ships. As noted at the bottom of the page, the information there is based on Rob Ottmer's compilation on the Titanic Inquiry web site.

My contribution to Great Ships consists of the various ship histories that appear there, with one or two exceptions.