Finding rare Titanic books on the web

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For those wishing to build a collection of rare Titanic books, perhaps you are wondering where one must go to aquire rare Titanic books. Dont foresake roadside antique shops or transportation shows- rare treasures are still out there,but these days, the internet is the most reliable source for rare Titanic books.

If you have a hankering to add an original Gracie, Beesley, Shipbuilders or Lightoller to your Titanic book collection, were does one look?

Here is my pick of the best places online that often are rich with rare Titanic books, often carring multiple copies of the same rare book.

If anyone knows of any other sites where one can find rare Titanic books or collectables, please poste!! I have had the most luck with and

Tarn Stephanos

http://www.abebooks. com


Jason D. Tiller


Thanks for the info! Here's another good site for Titanic books:

I was lucky enough to find George Behe's excellent book "Titanic: Psychic Forewarnings of a Tragedy" on their.

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