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Finnish passengers

Discussion in 'Passenger Research' started by Wil Kalkinen, Dec 14, 1999.

  1. Wil Kalkinen

    Wil Kalkinen Guest

    Would anyone know what finally was the end of passengers from Finland. I would like to knoow about
    Mr. Sundman, Mr. Stranden, Miss Silven, and Miss Honkanen.
  2. Gavin Bell

    Gavin Bell Member

    I believe Lyyli Silven died as Mrs Mailanen in 1980, but I am very unsure about this.

    Cameron Bell
  3. Hi, I'm new here. I have a question: How many Finnish passengers lived in Helsinki?
    And what is the most famous Finnish passenger?
    I think many Finnish were from third class and died, weren't they? Thanks.

    Regards from Rut
  4. mary mason

    mary mason Member

  5. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

    Hallo, Rut. There were 55 Finnish passengers, including 6 from Helsinki. All but 3 were travelling in Third Class, and only 16 survived. One of the most famous of all Titanic victims was the 'unknown child' buried at Fairview cemetery in Halifax. He has recently been identified (by DNA testing) as 1-year old Eino Panula, who died along with his mother and 4 brothers.
  6. Hi Mary and Bob!
    Thanks for necessary info! Sadly only 16 Finnish were rescue sad.gif More women than men, yes? As far I know many children died. Did anyone of them survive?

    Regards from Rut
  7. mary mason

    mary mason Member

    hi Rut,

    Hildur Hirvonen was 2 years old and was born on February 15, 1910. She was rescued with her mother in lifeboat 15.She died in the USA in 1959.
    hope this helps a bit
  8. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

  9. Thank you, Bob happy.gif This webpage is great! If I find something unclear, I will write to this thread.

    Regards from Rut
  10. Kalman Tanito

    Kalman Tanito Member

    Bob, thank you for the compliments on my website :).

    However, I will have to let you know that there are some mistakes in my table mainly for two reasons:

    1) I have been away from Finland for several years now and I have not been able to do much research on the Finns recently
    2) Helping with Phil Gowan's book, there is some new information which we have decided not to make public for the time being.

    Rut, how proficient are you in Finnish, and do you reside in Finland or in an English-speaking country? If you are fluent in Finnish, a new book has been published on the Finns just recently in that language, and with the help of a friend in Finland, we might be able to get you a copy, if you are interested.

  11. Bob Godfrey

    Bob Godfrey Member

  12. i am new and i am researching my Panula relatives. I know that they had three other children:
    Juho Eemeli,1892-dec 1892, he died in Finland
    {Ernesti and Jaakko}
    Emma Iida Fed 24 1901-Apr 8 1910, aged 9 , she died in Ohio
    Lyydia 1902-1903, aged 6 months,
    the Juho, Urho and Eino.
    Eino's mother's real name is Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar Ojala Panula , and his father;'s was Juho Juhonpoika Panula
  13. AI heard of a teen-aged son, who drowned in Finland, but i don't know anything about him.They had 8 children inbetween 1892-1911
    There was o teen-aged son that survived and died before Titanic. Ernesti and Jaakko were the only teen-aged sons, but the teen-aged son could possibly got translated wrong and it could have been 9-year -old Emma, but then she died in Ohio, in 1910.They said the son drowned din Finland. Can anyone help with this please? I will try later to post a pc of Emma and her parents circa 1902-3
  14. Henry Loscher

    Henry Loscher Member

    Mrs. Juha Panula, born Maria Emilia Ojala, Dec 1, 1870 in Lappajarvi, Finland. She wed Juha Feb. 14,1892.

    There is a great deal of information on Craig Stringer's Titanic People CD starting on Page 249 in the Third Class Passengers section. Try contacting the British Titanic Society to see where you get the CD

    Best of Luck, Henry
  15. Maria was born Maija Emelia Abrahamintytar Ojala , she is my great-great-great grandma's sister. I will look into the cd. I am writing my family tree, but i am stuck with hearing that Eino had a older brother who drowned as a teen in Finland.
  16. I have found out through records,that the "teen-aged brother" who drowned in Ohio,really was 9-year-old Emma,and after that the family moved back to Finland.
  17. Put,do you understand Finnish? You're surname is Finnish. I found a site that is in Finnish , and tells a good deal about the Panula family if you are interested.It is:
    www.kotisivu.dnainternet.net/utakatal/einopanula.html,i hope this link will work. It is the first link i put on.
  18. Sorry, Rut,for the wrong spelling of you're name.
  19. something i found on a site, was about the Hamalainen family. The son, Vilho's full name: Vilho Unto Johannes Hamalainen. I'm gonna contact the site manager, to see if they will add it to his bio. They need as much information as they can.
  20. ed wall

    ed wall Member

    My grandfather, Wilhelm Heino, came from Finland in 1902. according to my mother, He lent money in 1912 to a fellow Finn so he could have his family come to the US. This man gave my father a watch as collateral (which I am in possession). At the time, My grandfather lived in Vesta, Pennsylvania . I see that the Panula family's destination was Coal Center, Pa, which was very close to Vesta. Would anyone have info on the Panula family?