Finnish Titanic Survivor on Stockholm

Tracy Smith

Apr 20, 2012
South Carolina USA
I am presently resding the book, "Desperate Hours: the Epic Rescue of the Andrea Doria". On pages 80-81, it mentions that a Finnish woman had traveled to Finland on the Stockholm on its previous voyage before its collision with the Andrea Doria. The woman had told the waiter in the dining room that she had been on the Titanic as a young girl and that this was her first ocean voyage since that time. She was nervous and the waiter had reassured her by saying that it was unlikely that one person would experience two ship sinkings in their lifetime.

Does anyone know if this is true or whether this woman was telling the waiter a "story"?
Dec 6, 2000
I'm a bit farther into the book than you, Tracy, and there is nothing more about the Titanic survivor.

Good book, though, isn't it?

Daryl Dobbs

I have seen this story before re-told in a documentery on the History Channel shown over here in the U.K. The subject was the sinking of the Andrea Dora. The documentery did not mention the book you have just read, there might be a grain of truth in it.

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