Fireman G Rickman Relations of Rickman


Elleen Rae Geiger

Possible relation to me. Does anyone have any info on G. Rickman. My genealogy of my Rickmans takes me back to Milford G. Rickman stated he was born. Are there any Rickman's on this board, that would be interesting.
Dear Elleen,
Here is my entry from my database on Mr. Rickman:
Rickman, George Albert (Will). Lived at 40 Derby Road, Northam, Southampton. Occupation - Fireman. 36 years old. Born at Milford, Hampshire.
Death Notice Southern Daily Echo 20th May 1912 and Hampshire Independent 25th May 1912).
Rickman, George Albert (Will).
Beloved Husband of Mary Rickman, of 40 Derby Road, Southampton. Aged 36 Years.
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 225. Rickman, Mary Ann, widow. Class G dependent.

I hope it helps?
Brian J. Ticehurst - Southampton UK

Elleen Rae Geiger

Brian thank you so very much for the information on Rickman. It sure does help as now I can go through my genealogy to maybe connect him with us. Your sure a blessing. I'm new at this researching genealogy so can use all the help I can get...great news. Elleen