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I was attempting to get information about firemen and titanic survivor william clark. My grandfather william clark sr. said we had a relative on the titanic but did not share any details. My father william clark jr. is an only child who is currently 75. he was told by my grandfather william clark sr. that he had no relatives and never to ask any details. my father did not, and had lived his life not knowing any details about his background. my grandfather on his death bed said he was from st.ingance michigan, and that he had a relative aboard titanic, and our family was was english -irish decent, but he died before he could share any additional details. in 1912 my grandfather william clark sr. was 13 years old, and the records indicate william clark (fireman) was 39 in 1912. we are trying to see to get additional information about william clark titanic crew member and his family background, births deaths children wife? if you have any details or could recommend additional sources of information please let me know. My grandfather lived in Lorain, Ohio for 50 years and said he served in the us navy during WW1. I'm his grandson bradley william clark. thank you

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Hello Bradley,

Welcome aboard.

Have you seen your relative's biography? If not, click here to access it. The biography includes a research article, which mentions him.

It's not much, but it may be a good starting point for you.

I hope this helps.
I am looking for original record confirmation that William Clark(e), born 1873 (1876), who was a Fireman on Titanic, and survivor, is, according to many internet sources, the same person who was a stoker, and survivor of the Empress of Ireland sinking. I cannot find any definitive genealogical or other records to support this.

I would welcome comments, and particularly documentary evidence, that they are indeed one of the same, as it seems that it is only personal assertions form the Empress survivor himself, that he survived Titanic.
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