Fireman William McQuillan

I was wondering if anyone had any information about William McQuillan, a fireman on Titanic. He is buried at Fairview cemetery in Halifax.

William McQuillan, 26-years-old, was born in Belfast, the son of William and Ann McQuillan. He was married to Margaret, they resided in Belfast and had one daughter, Annie; their son James was born shortly after William died.
McQuillan was part of the crew who delivered Titanic to Southampton from Belfast and signed on again for the maiden crossing.
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Thank you for your information. It is very helpful I am wondering though if I could stretch the friendship and ask if you know where I can find more about him. I'm only new at this research caper and are very interested in finding out more about William.

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William was my great-uncle. My gran died without knowing that her brothers' body had been re-covered. Can anyone explain why the bodies were not re-patriated? Also, does anyone know whether the identification photographs still exist?
Of all the identified crew bodies, only one was returned to England. I believe this is probably because the decedents' families could not afford to ship them back, and I don't believe White Star was footing the bill for it. Apparently the family of steward Arthur Lawrence, the one crewman shipped home, was well off enough to pay such expenses.
I am sorry to hear that your Gran didn't know whether William was re-covered or not. I am not sure if the identifaction photos still exist, but i am trying to find a photo of William. Do you know where i can get one? I am doing some research on him and i am interested in knowing what he looked like. If you could help it would be great.
thanks for replying, I think my grandmother who was 23 in 1912 was living in Glasgow. Perhaps she wasn' t informed by her family but I have a suspicion that they were only told he had been lost at sea. My father ,a Master Mariner and William himself, had been in and around Nova Scotia several times in his career; it was only after he retired I discovered, much to his shock, that his uncle had a grave that he could have visited. Do you know what became of the records of the White Star Line? I believe the personal effects and identification photographs were sent to their offices in New York.
Melissa, what makes you want to research William? In terms of photo's I don't think so. I have pictures of his parents William and Anne ,my great-grandparents but I'll be in Belfast in a couple of weeks and can ask my father.
It is all kind of silly really but i was at a boat show in Melbourne (Australia) and i brought a Titanic collectors plate, it is no 183 out of only 1523 so as i love anything titanic (my house is one big shrine much to the dismay of my husband) i thought i could do some research on the person asscoiated with no 183 which happens to be William. I am very facinated with it all and thought i could dedicate the plate to William. Once i started doing some research my interest grew and after speaking to Senan Molony the author of the irish aboard Titanic i couldn't help myself the more i found out the more i want to know. As you can imagine my research is limited to what i can find out via the web. The Titanic exibition where i brought the plate was brilliant i should say is brilliant it comes out every year and every year there is something different. I can't help but get excited by all the stories and can't help being saddened by all the tragedy. I hope this doesn't offend you? Please don't put yourself out getting a photo it will give me a good excuse to buy more Titanic books. By the way William would have been in Senan's book if he had enough space!
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Hi all, I am new to the site but fascinated by the information available. I have always been told that a relative of mine one William McQuillan, perished when the Titanic sank. Some years ago I did find out of the existance of such a person and have seen pictures of the grave in Nova Scotia, but have been unable to establish a confirmed family link. My family name is McQuillan and they were from Belfast but where exactly is a mystery as my paternal family line moved to England around the 1860's. Knowing who Williams parents, wife children etc are is going to be an enormous help.
Michelle - Here is my printout on Mr. McQuillan - it may help:

McQuillan, William. Lived at 79 Sea View Street, Belfast. Occupation - Fireman. 26 years old. (Born in Belfast, Ireland).
He was one of the very few men who made the delivery trip on the Titanic from Belfast to Southampton and also sailed on the maiden voyage. (See the Belfast to Southampton signing on sheets).
(From: Mansion House Titanic Relief Fund Booklet, March 1913)
Number 199. McQuillan, Margaret, widow. Children: Annie and James. All class G dependants.
Body number 183. Estimated age 28 Hardly any hair on head or face. Clothing:- Blue coat and vest, dungaree pants, striped shirt. Effects:- Shaving brush, soap, papers. National Firemans Union Book Number 932. Interred at Fair view Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Has a stone in Fairview Cemetery, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Titanic section, number 183.
also named on the Belfast City Hall Memorial, Belfast.
My name is William J McQuillan and I live in Michigan. My great-grandfather's name was Patrick and he emigrated from Ireland as a teen about 1834 to Michigan as an mill worker sponsored by a former neighbor in Ireland. Coincidentally, my mother came to Mi from Halifax. I am interested in any information about William of Titanic fame.