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Discussion in 'Fireplaces' started by mike disch, Feb 13, 2003.

  1. mike disch

    mike disch Guest

    Any on the titanic?
  2. I know of fireplaces in the two millionaires suites (The ones with the private promanades) and I recall something about a fireplace in the First Class Smoke Room.
  3. The were also fireplaces in the First class lounge and the reading/writing room on A deck. The Parlor suites on C-deck (C-62 & C-55) also had fireplaces.
  4. James Doyle

    James Doyle Member

    Were these actually functionable?
  5. There is another thread addressing this very topic.....
    I beleive all the fireplaces were feaux,including the 1st class Reading&Writing Room and Lounge Fireplaces.

    However, the Fireplace in the 1st class Smoking Room was functional...

    Can any moderators attach the old fireplace thread to this new thread?

    tarn Stephanos
  6. Just to finish it off, of the 7 fireplaces on the ship only the Smoking Room fireplace was functional and burned coal. All the rest were fake.

  7. Diggerman

    Diggerman Member

    Fireplaces made in Cefnmawr Wrexham By J C Edwards same company that made the ornat

    Not sure how common this fact is but here it is . The Tanics fireplaces where made in Cefnmawr Wrexham by J C Edwards. Lots of their work can still be seen around the small village to this day !
  8. Fireplaces aboard the Titanic.
    (All fireplaces worked with electricity. Only a fireplace worked with coal)

    Lng Fireplace.jpg First Class Lounge
    R&W Fireplace.jpg Reading and Writing First Class
    SMK Fireplace.jpg Smoking Room First Class (unique fireplace that worked with coal)
    B51 fireplace.jpg B51 Adam Style Sitting Room
    B52 Fireplace.jpg B52 Louis XVI Style Sitting Room
    C55 Fireplace.jpg C55 Regency Style Sitting Room
    C62 Fireplace.jpg C62 Louis XIV Style Sitting Room
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  9. Bastian Busse

    Bastian Busse Member

    Did the fireplaces in the lounge, in the smoking room and in the reading and writing room works electrically?
  10. The one in the lounge and the reading and writing room yes.
    The fireplace in the 1st class smoking room was the only functional one burning coal.