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I understand now what you mean about commissions. However the passenger seems to have paid the amount in all three columns including nett money, commissions and forwarding, which is the total in the first money column near the name. The only money the passenger did not seem to pay was in the "Refunds" column. I understand it that the passenger did pay the total, however what WSL was trying to point out on the list was that although the passengers paid that money, WSL did not retain it all and rather paid some as commission to their agents.

Inland fare and forwarding seems to be a little strange. From meory, Mr. Franklin was the only passenger listed with an inland fare (which was over 7 pounds). Perhaps forwarding was the term used to describe getting passengers to the ship, which was normal procedure. Inland fare might refer to the fact that Mr. Franklin needed extra transportation before the final "forwarding" to the ship, and he was also on the boat train.


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Good to hear. - But the 'Commission' is not extra; it is part of. - I guess a bit like selling your house. What the agent gets in 'Commission' is paid as part of the Purchase price [but not extra to it], but deducted before you get your money.

I am still working my way through the CTL and trying to understand it. Glad you have a copy.
I presume you will have noticed the Thayers? -
Even although as you noted they paid 4 Minimum Fares from Paris. That is 4 x £27.14.5 = £110.17.8; there is no 'Forwarding'; only 'Commission' of £7.16/- giving a 'Nett Passage Money' of £103.1.8. I am guessing this is because there is nothing in the 'No of Continental Ticket' column, which strangely does not contain Ticket Numbers, but rather is blank or contains a point of departure; such as London or Paris. Could the absence of a 'Forwarding' figure be because although the Thayers seem to have paid Minimum from Paris fares, they boarded at Southampton not Cherbourg? There is the added query with 4 Minimum from Paris fares, when one of the 4 was Mrs Thayer's maid, for whom a Servant's Fare should have been paid.

Did you notice that Mr Van der Hoef's 'Commission' is in a 2nd Commission Column, after the 'Nett Passage Money' column, but still comes off the 'NPM'.
The same with the Andrews/Longley/Hogeboom party; who have figures in both 'Commission' columns.

And what are the RAIL FARES figures?

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