First Class E Deck Cabins and the poor stewardess' legs

Ricky B

Apr 22, 2015

Upon looking at the E deck plans with the cabin allocations, it is evident that many passengers are placed almost sporadically.

One would think that it would have been a hell of a lot easier for the poor stewardesses to have had most, if not all of the passengers placed closer together.

Why were the passengers placed so far apart? I'm just thinking, that the stewardesses legs must have been so tired, going up and down the corridor, then back up, a little bit further up and then all the way back down get a call and have to go up once more. Surely they must have felt as if they were in an Edwardian version of Pac-Man!

Was it to make the ship seem more full by catching a glimpse every now and then of a passenger exiting/entering their cabin?