First News Reports - Your Reaction to the Disaster?


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Here is a fascinating video which shows the media's reaction to the news of the disaster and how the officials denied the Titanic had sunk or even could sink. Watching this video do you believe your reaction would have been the same?

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A great video. The footage from 1912 is so cool. I think it was natural for people to be in a state of shock and disbelief after the ship sank. If I were there, I'd have refused to believe it/be completely appalled. It would be almost surreal.

Talira Greycrest

I can imagine the shock and confusion that the friends and families of those on board would have been feeling. First they're being told Titanic has been involved in an accident but didn't sink and all on board are safe. Then they're being told Titanic did sink and that it's likely their friends and relatives have died. It must have been heartbreaking for those people to be reading the list of survivors and not seeing the names of their friends or relatives, especially if their entire family had been on board.