First Officer Murdoch's 1909 letter

Although seemingly not as newsworthy as the recovery of Murdoch's personal items from the wreck, the discovery of a letter written in Murdoch's hand to a “Miss Nancy” in 1909 while he was serving as first officer aboard the Adriatic has been revealed thanks to a recent auction. I have written up a short article on this, with photographs and a full transcript of the letter itself, and believe it to be just as exciting a find.

The article and letter can be read here: Murdoch's 1909 Letter | William Murdoch

It does raise many questions, notably, who is the "Miss Nancy" he is writing to, and also Mr. Owen, Dr.Blackwood, Miss May, Miss Maggie, and Mr. & Mrs. Watkins he refers to in the letter? And why was he writing to a single woman two years into his marriage to Ada, and without making any reference to his wife (unlike the other two private letters we have from Murdoch in 1912 both of which reference Ada?).

Any further information, corrections, additions from any in the Titanic community would be most appreciated!
Just an interesting update on the letter...

Thanks to a correspondent named Vicki the conclusion is now that the letter was actually written in 1907 and not 1909, which makes far more sense. For more information on why this is check the updated page:

A Letter to "Miss Nancy" | William Murdoch

Any other information that can help with identifying the names of the people mentioned in the letter would likewise be truly appreciated!

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