First Officer Murdoch's Mate and Master applications and certificates

For those interested in seeing First Officer Murdoch's Merchant Service Records, including his applications and certificates for Second Mate, First Mate and Extra Master, then I am happy to say you can now view them on my website here:

Murdoch's Merchant Service Records | William Murdoch

They reveal a number of interesting details such as his height, complexion, hair and eye colour. Conspiciously absent is his Masters application and certificate -it jumps straight to Extra Master. It seems this is also the case with Fourth officer Boxhall so maybe it was possible to skip straight to Masters if you felt able enough.

It is also interesting to note that Murdoch never once failed any of his application exams -the only Titanic officer who could say that (even Captain Smith failed on Navigation for his Extra Master).

Aly Jones

Nov 22, 2008
I've read that will Murdoch was the only titanic officer to pass all of his exams in one go, he did not fail any. I've read that he was very smart in mathsamtics.

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